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Giving area residents the opportunity to see what happens in local agriculture beyond corn and soybeans is the goal of the Macon County Farm Bureau next week.
Jennifer Fink with the Macon County Farm Bureau explains their Families on the Farm event is geared toward local families who'd like to learn more about what agriculture in the county looks like.
Fink says there will be a lot of different aspects of agriculture to get to experience.
Fink says the Macon County Farm Bureau is using this event as a way to get information about where their food comes from. Where food comes from is becoming a very popular topic in urban America.
The event is next Wednesday morning where all those attending will meet at the Macon County Farm Bureau office in Decatur at 8:30 am and will tour the final farm before lunch. 
While the event is free, Fink is asking those wanting to attend to RSVP by Wednesday of this week. To do so, contact the Macon County Farm Bureau, dial 217-877-2436. 

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