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A shortage of teachers, substitute teachers, and aides has been highlighted by administrators and state leaders across the state and at the latest Clinton Board of Education meeting, the topic came to a head for discussion. 
A shortage of special education teachers in the district resulted in the issue being highlighted to the Board. Superintendent Curt Nettles says the district is working to better fill the needs at Clinton Elementary School.
The need for special education teacher is vast across the state. According to Nettles, districts across the state's needs top 250 vacancies in special education alone.
Nettles could see the situation worsening and becoming a crisis. He feels the State of Illinois is to blame as they have not made Illinois a good place to work.
Nettles indicates the main struggle for teachers is in special education but points out there is also a struggle for elementary educators, which is a new struggle in recent years. 

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