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Separated by almost an hour and approximately 66 miles, staff at Bismarck-Henning High School new of the tragedy that struck Monticello High School last week when 17-year old Tori Lanter was killed in a crash on Interstate 72.
Principal at Bismarck-Henning High School, Brent Rademacher, indicates his staff knew they wanted to do something for the family but wasn't sure what to do, so when the Sages visited BHHS Friday for a high school basketball game, they organized to have their 50/50 raffle tickets to go towards her memorial. 
The contribution did not get much attention at the game and Rademacher indicates it was out of respect for students who may be going through their own grief. Instead, they passed around informative papers of their intentions when someone would purchase tickets. 
Rademacher credits the compassionate folks in the district and his office for stepping up in this effort. He also notes the effort was not done in the vain for publicity, they just wanted to step up and help in a small way for a grieving family and community. 

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