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With two very rich men running for Governor the wealth they have and how it’s kept is becoming a story. Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is wondering where Democratic Candidate for Governor J.B. Pritzker is keeping all of his money. 
Rauner says it’s curious that you can be worth billions and only report $16 million income on his tax forms. 
The Pritzker campaign responded with a quip and cut down of the Rauner campaign but didn’t directly answer where Pritzker’s trusts are and how much of his money is kept.
Regional Radio News was contacted by the Pritzker campaign after the article was published and was given the full statement which reads as follows:
“Bruce Rauner’s accusations are false and he is lying about JB Pritzker. In addition to releasing his personal tax returns, the total taxes paid by trusts benefitting JB, charitable contributions made personally and by his foundation, JB also filed a detailed Statement of Economic Interest that lists personal investments and assets as well as those held by trusts benefitting him. JB and trusts benefitting him have paid a combined $25 million in state taxes and $136 million in federal taxes over the last three years.
In regard to the offshore question, there are some trusts that were established by JB’s family a couple generations ago. JB did not set them up, has never received a personal disbursement from them, and he has directed that any disbursements from these trusts be given to charity. Those are facts, and Bruce Rauner’s attempt to distract from his disastrous campaign can’t change them.”


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