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The group DeWitt County Triad, aimed at protecting local seniors through a variety of avenues, is planning a proactive year to be more active in front of seniors.
Connie Unruh indicates her involvement through Triad is to get in front of seniors and teach them about avoiding scams and falling victim to identity fraud. 
Teaching seniors the ins and outs of technology and what are real notifications and what are scams has been a focus for Triad in recent months. Unruh indicates that will likely be their starting point in early sessions and they will progress from there.
According to Unruh, Triad is trying to direct seniors, but also their families, to their Facebook page to keep as many people informed of the things coming up so they can keep their loved ones in the loop.
January 17 is the first targeted seminar at the DeWitt County Friendship Center. Contact the Friendship Center at 217-935-9411 for more information. 

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