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Roughly 250 people from all over Illinois attended a special church security seminar at Clinton's First Christian Church Tuesday night.
The event was hosted by First Christian Church Pastor Greg Taylor and DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner. Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers also shared at the Tuesday evening seminar which ran from 6 pm to 9 pm. The Chief says with recent events around the globe, churches are becoming a target of mass violence and church leaders need to be prepared.
The Chief indicates the unfortunate events of other places were analyzed and discussed. He says the best way to prepare is to look back on things that have already happened and learn from them.
Clinton First Christian Church Pastor Greg Taylor indicates religious leaders from all over Illinois converged on the Clinton sanctuary to be a part of the meeting.
Pastor Taylor says churches need to be prepared for unfortunate events and they need to be able to keep their congregations safe.
Pastor Taylor is inviting any religious leader that could not attend the meeting or did not know about the meeting to contact him at the Clinton First Christian Church and they have literature available they are wanting to distribute so all places of worship can have it and better prepare themselves. 

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