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Clinton YMCA Monticello Branch could be a reality in the next few years.
Executive Director of the Clinton YMCA, Rennie Cluver says this has been something talked about between the two communities over the last year and the reality of it happening is starting to gain some momentum.
According to Cluver, this was not something the Clinton YMCA was pursuing, in fact, the Y was content with where they were. However, it makes a lot of sense for a YMCA presence in Monticello.
The community of Monticello is very excited about this idea and while the Clinton Y is behind the idea as well, Cluver indicates they need to do their due-diligence to make sure it is a feasible possibility.
Cluver says the YMCA will have a partnership with Monticello regardless of if a new facility is part of the plan or not. He says there is enough momentum and resources to start programming without a dedicated facility. 

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