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A 13-week curriculum for youth in Clinton Schools will wrap up this week.
The DARE program is led by Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers and he indicates the program finishes off this week. He indicates, last week, his grade school students got to talk to some junior high school and high school role models.
The DARE curriculum has changed a lot in recent years. Chief Lowers says the early focus was on abuse of drugs and alcohol but now the challenges facing youth are different from when the program first started.
For the Chief, the effectiveness of the program are tough to measure, he feels if they can have an impact on even one child, the program has served its purpose.
The DARE program is not only a great opportunity to teach youth but Chief Lowers says it can be a great opportunity for a positive interaction with local law enforcement officials.
Chief Lowers says being proactive in the schools is what he is all about and making positive interactions in the schools and hopes all the students have a different approach to law enforcement because of their experiences with them in Clinton schools. 

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