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The weather has finally turned and horticulture enthusiasts are now able to get out in their gardens and get those going.
Master gardener at the University of Illinois Extension office, Candice Hart says the biggest question they seem to get this time of year is when can those warm-season vegetables get out there?
Hart indicates it is probably safe to get those out now, just be aware of the weather forecast.
Getting that garden cleaned out is key to getting those gardens ready for the new season. If you laid mulch in the fall, Hart indicates pulling it back will help warm the soil up.
No-till gardening has taken off in recent years and Hart says it can be a personal preference but it isn't necessary. She says unless you're trying to improve your soil, it isn't necessary. 
Hart says if weeds have taken over your garden, tilling is not necessarily going to get rid of them. She says you can apply a herbicide to get rid of them and notes to follow the directions on when to plant your flowers or vegetables. 
Contact your local University of Illinois Extension office for more information on your planting questions. 

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