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It is a big seven-day stretch for the Clinton Community Education Foundation, CCEF.
The Foundation hosted their annual Derby Day fundraiser this past Saturday at the Clinton Country Club and Christina Soberalski with the Foundation indicates they'll be at Clinton IGA for a cookout this weekend.
The upcoming Gold Star Banquet that celebrates academic excellence is, in part, sponsored by the CCEF. Eileen Carter with the CCEF indicates they take on the cost of the tickets for students and their parents so they all can attend.
Additionally, the CCEF also helps fund the Read Across Clinton initiative. Soberalski says Read Across Clinton is coming right around the corner and the CCEF is one of the donors so the school can purchase books for youth for the summer months.
The goal is for every child at Clinton Elementary School to get to take ten books home for the summer months. 
Next week on Regional Radio News, CES Principal Sasha Young and Assistant Principal Ben Mooney will talk more about the program and how it has impacted their students. 
Again, check out the IGA cookout to benefit the CCEF Friday and Saturday. 

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