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An increase in residential activity and even criminal activity tends to increase this time of the year and local law enforcement is passing along their annual reminders of springtime safety.
Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers reminds residents this is the time of year when car burglaries increase and those can be prevented by simply locking your car doors at night and when your vehicle is left unattended. 


More people will be out walking, running and biking and kids will be out more frequently playing now as well. To that end, Chief Lowers reminds residents to be aware of those pedestrians as motorists and be mindful of increased motorcycle traffic as well.


Noise complaints from gatherings also increase this time of the year. Additionally, Chief Lowers reminds those out to keep their pets contained and also pick up after them when you're out and about.


With the planting still in full swing, the Chief also reminds motorists to be mindful of farmers out trying to get their crops in the ground and be careful around the heavy machinery. He also says be very cautious if you're going to pass any of those vehicles in rural areas. 

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