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The Vault in Clinton continues to build momentum and excitement in the community and support for the project can come in many forms.
Michelle Witzke says financial benefits are just one of the many ways you can support the project right now. She indicates they recently started accepting electronic forms of donations through PayPal.


The Vault is in need of several material pieces for the project. With progress inside the center being made, Witzke indicates they could use donations of the electronic variety, like sound systems or video game systems or televisions. 


Physical labor donations are needed right now too. There's a lot of what Witzke calls finish work to be done inside the center.


To get involved in The Vault, whether it be through financial support, material donations or labor donations, contact Witzke at thevaultclinton@gmail.com or visit thevaultclinton.com. 
Then find them on Facebook for the latest on the project. 

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