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Central Illinois Republican Congressman Davis continues to be critical of his colleagues across the aisle in the process of crafting a new farm bill.
Both sides have battled in recent weeks about the crafting of the new farm bill as the current bill expires later this year. Democrats say they were not invited into the process while Republicans contend Democrats had no intention of being involved.
Davis continues his criticism of his colleagues' objection to measures that would help those on government benefits programs get into the workforce.


Congressman Davis says the bill, in its current form, would allow for individuals on welfare programs to get into programs to find good employment opportunities. He feels Democrats objection to the measure is a sign of their desire to grow government programs.


Congressman Davis hopes the bill gets to the House floor by the end of the month so it can be sent to the Senate. The next step will be a conference committee that will likely craft the bill in its final form. 

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