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The DeWitt County Triad is an organization consisting of local law enforcement, senior organizations and senior community members working together to make a better and safer tomorrow for senior residents and the community.
With many different programs and resources, one of the bigger program and events put on each year by TRIAD is their Senior Academy according to group member Connie Unruh.


The first day of the Senior Academy gets underway this Thursday, August 9, and will run each Thursday for the next three weeks.  Speakers will attend each day to give helpful advice on different topics.



Another speaker will look at the topic of "Family Love Letters."



Some other areas that will be covered include assisting and protecting seniors, wellness and associated scams, advantages of pre-planning funeral arrangements, and elder financial fraud.
Snack and refreshments will be provided each day.  For more information on the TRIAD Senior Academy or the organization visit their Facebook page at DeWitt County Triad.

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