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Hundreds of kids will be out walking around towns and there are some safety precautions that people should take when trick or treating says Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers wants to remind everyone some safety precautions families can take while trick or treating. One of those is those is the costume. 

Some costumes come with different objects or items says, Chief Lowers.

Other costumes come with various masks which can also present another hazard says, Chief Lowers.

Watch out for treats as well, look and see if it is a factory wrapped gift says, Chief Lowers.

Children under the age of 12 should have an adult accompanying them, and never trick or treat alone. Go with known adults and known neighborhoods. Chiefs Lowers recommended carrying a flashlight, to help not only you see but others as well. Walk from house to house and have a happy Halloween.

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