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Heyworth schools are in a design phase of 7 million dollars in renovations. The schools are looking to get a new gym, weight room, office complex, and updating all classroom furniture. Heyworth Schools had feedback from the community to help make the decision making on all the new renovations said Heyworth Superintendent Lisa Taylor. 

Heyworth Schools allowed parents and families to provide feedback on the renovations and one of the big ones was a new competition gym says, Taylor.

The new gym will be able to seat around 1500 giving Heyworth access to host tournaments and more space for other groups that use the gyms at Heyworth schools for recreational use. 

All the money won't get spent on just the gym as a million dollars will go to new furniture.

The decision making for the new furniture was asking some of the students and teachers on what they desired to have to help keep everyone engaged says Taylor.

Heyworth looks to finish the gym sometime next year and continue with their other improvements as the years move on. 

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