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Some Clinton youth stumbled upon portable meth labs in Kiwanis Park last Friday and this week on Regional Radio News, Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers discussed the incident and what a portable lab might look like if you stumble upon one.


The Chief points out, these portable labs are starting to become increasingly popular because of the small number of materials needed to produce meth and the space required is also minimal.



The materials of a portable meth lab are very specific and are things commonly found around just about every home. The Chief describes what you might find if you stumble up one of these labs.....



Chief Lowers points out, the portable labs found were in duffle bags. The mother of the young girls that found the duffle bags thanked the DARE program for the awareness they raise surrounding methamphetamines. The Chief this week also discussed the upcoming DARE program in Clinton schools, we'll have more on that in the coming weeks on Regional Radio News. 

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