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"The craziest thing I've ever seen in Washington" is how Congressman Rodney Davis describes a piece of legislation that among other things, wants to funnel taxpayer dollars into political campaigns.


The Republican from Taylorville says HR1, or For the People Act of 2019, would take taxpayer dollars and put them into political funds. The bill also discusses topics like voter access, election security, and integrity and establishes an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission.



The aspects of voter access, election security and redistricting are parts of the bill Congressman Davis likes but there are too many questions surrounding the aspect of campaign spending from taxpayer dollars.



Davis indicates the proposal has a formula based on donations of $200 or less and matches that by six times. He calls the proposal terrible.



Every Democrat in the House sponsored the legislation and Davis anticipates the Bill getting through the House but hopes Senate President Mitch McConnell will squash the bill upon it's arrival to his Chamber. 

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