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The Vault in Clinton is already making an impact on the community's youth and their leadership could not be more excited about the response.


Michelle Witzke, founder of the teen center in downtown Clinton, says they are seeing a wide variety of students that are coming out. She explains they have had great interactions and learning experiences with the youth.



Witzke says they are bringing in students they wanted to reach as they thought about the purpose of The Vault. For now, The Vault is a place to hang out but Witzke hopes to bring in more programming for them.



According to Program Director at The Vault, Kim Toohill, they have days of the week that are their junior high days and their high school days. She says the response has been greater from the junior high school students.



The Vault is opened up on Friday nights for high school students and once a month for junior high school students. Toohill attributes the junior high numbers being greater than the high school numbers because of the high school extracurricular activities. 



There's a lot on the horizon at The Vault. Toohill continues to work to bring additional programming for the students and Witzke indicates they continue to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters to offer a program to the youth. 


For more information on The Vault, call 309-212-7332 or 217-934-4003. You can also reach Toohill at 217-369-7826. 

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