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UPDATED: 18-Year Old Clinton Girl Missing, Foul Play Not Expected

Authorities are now saying foul play is not suspected in the circumstances surrounding a missing Clinton teen.
Clinton Police indicate they are seeking the whereabouts of 18-year old Tatiana Lynae Cowan, who goes by Lynae. She was last seen between 6:30 pm and 7 pm at Frist Baptist Church in Clinton Wednesday night wearing a teal scarf, long gray coat and orange knitted sweater with a long black skirt and black boots.
Cowan has a thick Ukrainian accent and is 5-feet tall weighing approximately 100 pounds. 
Contact DeWitt County Cencom with any information you may have at 217-935-3196. 

Residents Against Win Turbines Hoping To Educate The Public Through Facebook

A group of DeWitt County residents are banding together to fight back against a proposed wind farm on the northeast side of DeWitt County.
Andrea Rhoades leads a Facebook group called "DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines". She says their goal is to get information out to the community about the wind farms and the happenings surrounding it's potential development.
With the erection of wind farms in other parts of the state, Rhoades says they have learned of the negative impacts of the wind farms in other places.
The group is also concerned about the distance between the turbines and homes. Rhoades say they are proposing a 3-thousand feet distance and points to Livingston County who recently enacted a 32-hundred feet distance between their homes and a turbine.
The Facebook group is a closed group. Rhoades indicates this allows people to safely view information and learn more.
Trade Wind Energy representatives indicate the 'flicker effect', or when the turbines intercept with the shining sun, would only be an impact less than a percent of the time throughout the year. Rhoades says homeowners may not be compensated well enough to deal with those effects.
Trade Wind Energy compensates property owners who agree to have these turbines on their properties, however, they also go the extra mile to compensate other homeowners within a certain distance with a yearly check for living near a turbine. Rhoades indicates the compensation for those homeowners is not enough.
Rhoades says there is some evidence that suggests property values could decrease based on other communities assessments.
The group recently addressed the land use committee with several of these concerns and many more. The project still has several hurdles to clear before any ground breaking becomes imminent. 

Governor Rauner: People of Illinois Know What I Mean When I Say [I'm Not In Charge]

Comments Governor Bruce Rauner recently used to describe his influence in the Illinois legislature are sure to get a lot of attention throughout the upcoming election cycle.
The Governor recently said he was not in charge in Illinois and opponents of the Governor are likely to use that against him throughout the primary and general campaigns, but the Governor believes the people of Illinois know what he means.
With a challenger on the Republican ticket for the upcoming primary, Governor Rauner faces the possibility of running a pair of campaigns and running the state at the same time.

Soy Officials Stress Importance of Local Bridge Projects

Although ag groups continue to push for massive improvements to the inland waterway system, they also say don’t forget about local projects. 
Yes, locks and dams are long overdue for repairs says Mike Steenhoek with the Soy Transportation Coalition, but bridges, especially in rural areas, need some serious attention.
The Illinois Soybean Association is among thirteen state soybean boards participating in the coalition. 
And the coalition along with many other agriculture groups have been keeping the inland waterway subject at the forefront. 

Durbin Pushing For Affordable Textbooks

As college students enter the end of semester, their holiday giving list might be limited because of mighty textbook expenses. 
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin continues to beat the drum for reduced textbook costs. In recent weeks, he introduced The Affordable College Textbook Act, which is designed to help students manage costs by making high quality textbooks easily accessible to students, professors, and the public for free. Durbin says costs have been surging too far for too long.
Durbin says textbook costs are forcing college students to make difficult choices....
Durbin introduced the legislation in late September. It was referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. 

Bustos Slams GOP Tax Reform Efforts

Western Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos calling the GOP’s tax reform efforts an attack on the middle class. She says it’s a flawed three step process. 
Bustos making her remarks on the House Floor Tuesday just hours before Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. The win now gives Republicans a slight 51-49 voting edge in the Senate. 

Attorney General Scores Settlement For Pre-Flat Screen TV, Monitor Buyers

TVs are cheaper these days but Illinois Attorney general Lisa Madigan believes some Illinois consumers are owed money from a bygone era. 
She says some consumers who bought Hitachi, Philips and Samsung tvs or monitors between March of 1995 and November 2007 may have been victims of illegal price fixing of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) that went into TVs. 
The lawsuits ended with $36 million in settlements. People have the chance to fill out an online for to claim a portion of that money. An individual can claim $20 for a CRT television or $60 for a CRT monitor. 
The deadline to file is July 18th. You can file by logging on to http://www.illinoiscrtsettlement.com. 

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