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Selma Blair reveals multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Actress Selma Blair's revelation that she has multiple sclerosis is being met by an outpouring of support. The 46-year-old star disclosed her diagnosis in an emotional Instagram post. The post is bringing new attention to MS. Dr. Tara Narula reports on the symptoms and treatments.

Chemo and immunotherapy together may help triple-negative breast cancer patients

New research is bringing hope to women with a hard-to-treat type of breast cancer. A study published over the weekend in the New England Journal of Medicine found that combining chemotherapy with an immunotherapy medicine added up to 10 months of survival time for patients with triple-negative breast cancer. Dr. David Agus joins "CBS This Morning" with more on the research.

Fish fraud is rampant – and the government rarely tests it

Near a coastline or not, seafood is an increasingly popular food option for Americans. The U.S. is now the second-largest consumer of seafood worldwide after China and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 20 percent of adults are eating fish at least twice a week. But choosing your fish doesn't always mean getting what you're after. Meg Oliver reports.

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