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Archers Alley "Catch of the Week" For Episode 138 - 9/16 & 9/17/23


This week's Archers Alley "Catch of the Week" comes to us from Cole Creason, of Decatur!


Orangethroat Darter

Bluebreast Darter

Rainbow Darter

Brindled Madtom

Greenside Darter


Typically on the COTW we are talking about giant fish, or big bucks, but this week we are headed to the opposite end of the spectrum... 


We are diving into micro-fishing!   


Colton Creason, of Decatur, has caught all of these tiny, coloful specimens on hook and line right here in central Illinois!  He'll share how his desire to expand his lifelist of fish caught led him to explore this sport within the sport.  We'll talk about the special equipment used; where he finds these tiny fish; and much more!


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