This week on the show....


Plus we'll be live at the 66th Piatt County Fair on Friday! 



6/10 am (6:40a & 1:09p on WHOW)
Eric Snodgrass - Atmospheric Scientist w/ Nutrien Ag Solutions


6/10 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Emerson Nafziger – Professor Emeritus of Crops Sciences @ U of I (Part 1)


6/11 am
Aaron Hager – Professor of Weed Sciences @ U of I


6/11 noon
Emerson Nafziger – Professor Emeritus of Crop Sciences @ U of I (Part 2)


6/12 am
Sondra Baker – Director of IL Envirothon


6/12 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


6/13 am
Chase Brown – Macon County Farmer & Cover Crop Options


6/13 noon
Jennifer Fillipiak – Midwest Director of American Farmland Trust


6/14 am
Corbett Kull – Founder & CEO of Tillable


6/14 noon
LIVE @ 66th Piatt County Fair in Cerro Gordo (12:20 to 1p on WHOW)




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