On The Show next week....

4/27 am  (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Todd Hubbs – Ag Economist @ U of I


4/27 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
U.S. Congressman Rodney Davis


4/28 am
Jill Johnson – Ex VP of IL Beef Association


4/28 noon
Nathan Kleczewski – U of I Ext. Specialist in Field Crop Pathology on Seedilng Diseases


4/29 am
Dave Bishop – Organic Grain & Produce Farm in Logan County


4/29 noon
Kent Beadle – Dir of CHS Hedging On Markets


4/30 am
Bryan Sharp – Christian County Farmer


4/30 noon
Elliott Burgett – Macon County Grain & Produce Farmer


5/1 am
Alan Guebert – National Ag Columnist of “The Farm and Food File”


5/1 noon
Ken Franklin – Christian County Farmer



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