Live Coverage Of Farm Progress Virtual Experience Begins Today

The 2020 Farm Progress Virtual Experience goes live today (9/15), and has expanded coverage over the next three days!


I was able to travel to Boone, IA earlier this month to attend the taping of the footage featured in the FPS Virtual Experience.  Over the next three days, we'll talk about the new equipment making it's debut at this unique online event.  We'll also talk quite a bit about seeing the extensive storm damage in Iowa firsthand.


There were less than 20 outside media onhand for the Boone event, so it's a pretty unique perspective of information!  Some highlights of this week's coverage include discussion on the John Deere X9; the new DOT system from Raven; Fendt's new tractors; and a conversation with the Williams Brothers on Big Bud!


Extended live coverage of the Farm Progress Virtual Experience airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on both WHOW & WTIM & here on  


WHOW & - 12:20p to 2p each day

WTIM - 12:20p to 1p each day


- Jared