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Iowa Derecho Damage Pics

Heartbreaking drive across Iowa today. These pics don’t do it anything close to justice.


Every cornfield from Cedar Rapids to Marshalltown looked like this or worse. That’s a 70 mile stretch on US 30; and I didn’t venture north, which I’m told is worse. Basically if the corn crop from Clinton to Taylorville were wiped one storm...unbelievable.


Cornfields look like pastures. The corn that is standing is shredded. Every tree line has tops ripped out. Homes and farms damaged; some buildings destroyed. Soybeans don’t look to be effected, but there’s a lot of debris across the countryside.


I hope these farm families and communities get the support they deserve. It’s indescribable the amount of damage....Jared













































































The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 8/31/20 - 9/4/20

Next week on The Show....


8/31 am  (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Rich Guebert – IL Farm Bureau President


8/31 noon  (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Matt Jungmann – Farm Progress Show Manager


9/1 am
Lindsey Burden – U of I Extension in Dewitt, Macon, Piatt &
Megan Barth – IL 4H Hall of Fame


9/1 noon
Austin Rincker – Shelby County Farmer & IL Soybean Assoc.


9/2 am
Doris Mold & Karisha Devlin - Co-CEO's of Annie's Project 


9/2 noon
Jennifer Nelson – Horticulturist & "Grounded & Growing" Blog


9/3 am
Danny Himes – Regional MGR for LG Seeds in Christian, Shelby, Montgomery 


9/3 noon
Caitlin Mellendorf – U of I Extension in DeWitt, Macon, Piatt on Canning


9/4 am
Jake Lieb – Piatt County Farmer & Bison Herd


9/4 noon
Jason Webster – PTI Farm Director For Precision Planting




The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 8/24/20 - 8/28/20

Next week on The Show....


8/24 am   (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Brian Grete – Editor @ Pro Farmer & Dir of Eastern Crop Tour (pt1)


8/24 noon  (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Todd Hubbs – Agricultural Economist @ U of I


8/25 am
Brian Grete – Editor @ Pro Farmer & Dir of Eastern Crop Tour (pt2)


8/25 noon
Brian Duncan – IL Farm Bureau Vice President


8/26 am
Doug Gucker – U of I Extension in Dewitt, Macon, & Piatt


8/26 noon
Dennis Bork – Macon County Organic Farmer


8/27 am
Marvin Finfrock III – DeWitt County Farmer


8/27 noon
Jeff Brown – Macon County Farmer & Meridian FFA Foundation


8/28 am
Chad Kalaher – Agronomist with Beck's Hybrids


8/28 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau Golf Outing




The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 8/17/20 - 8/21/20

On The Show next week...


8/17 am   (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Lance Muirhead – Macon County Farmer & MCFB Young Leaders


8/17 noon   (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Eric Snodgrass – Chief Atmospheric Scientist w/ Nutrien Ag Solutions


8/18 am
Julie Armstrong – Ex Dir of IL Nutrient Research Education Council


8/18 noon
Scott Durbin – Christian County Farmer 


8/19 am
Brian Schaumburg – McLean County Farmer


8/19 noon
Tim Stock – Macon County Farm Bureau


8/20 am
Jim Isermann – Soil Health Partnership 


8/20 noon
Phillip Alberti – U of I Ext. Educator On IL Hemp Industry 


8/21 am
Kent Reid – Farm Credit IL on Land Values Study


8/21 noon
Amy Wertheim – Werthiem Farms & RGW Candy in Logan County





The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 8/10/20 - 8/14/20

Next week on The Show...


8/10 am  (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Chelsea Harbach – U of I Virtual Field Days @ Monmouth


8/10 noon  (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Mark Gebhards – Dir of Gov. Affairs & Commodities @ ILFB


8/11 am
Ted Maddox – Maddox Sweet Corn In Macon County


8/11 noon
Jim Reed – Piatt Co Farmer & IL Corn Marketing Board Member 


8/12 am
Kent Klineschmidt – Logan County Farmer


8/12 noon
Kyle Meece – Agronomy Manager @ United Prairie


8/13 am
Becca Dickens & Jarrod Yantis - Regenerative Life Produce Farm in Shelby County


8/13 noon
Karl Probst – Coles County Farmer


8/14 am
David Murphy – Peoria County Farmer


8/14 noon
Randy Niver – Dekalb/Asgrow Agronomist in East Central IL