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"The wind industry is filled with a lot of awful people who don't know how to be a good neighbor" is how a local lawmaker recently described wind companies that are trying to make headway in central Illinois.


During a discussion on the WHOW Morning Show that centered around legislation that could jeopardize the viability of the Clinton Nuclear Power Station, Sen. Chapin Rose says wind companies have come to central Illinois and pitted quote - "brother against brother, cousin against cousin". 



Whether you are for wind or against it, the Senator says companies are coming in, getting what they want and leaving the destruction behind, not caring about it. He weighed in on how the subsidies have impacted energy production companies.



Sen. Rose is challenging anyone interested in closing facilities like the Clinton nuclear power plant to read research reports from the University of Illinois and review the impacts it could have. He feels the impacts are pretty clear in those reports. 

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