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Clinton Board of Education Discusses Bullying Policy

The Clinton Board of Education recently took up the conversation of bullying versus a student who may become physically disruptive to the learning environment as they sought to approve an updated anti-bullying policy. 


Superintendent Curt Nettles explains it is essentially a policy written by the Illinois State Board of Education and most school districts follow the recommendation of ISBE.



Tammie Ennis questioned the policy as it relates to unruly students in the classroom who may become physically distracting to the learning environment. She feels that behavior would fit into the anti-bullying policy. 



According to Nettles, ISBE has explicitly made it clear the scenario laid out by Ennis is not bullying and is a separate policy that has strict parameters on how to handle those situations.



Nettles points out the new law regarding bullying requires much more work on the administration's end because they have to notify the parents of the parties involved in the situation and do some record-keeping that will get submitted to ISBE.



The Board approved the policy last month at its monthly meeting. 

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