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Local Lawmaker Reacts to Last Week's Veto Session

A central Illinois lawmaker is reacting to the end of the latest legislative session and the last veto session from a few weeks ago.


State Senator Sally Turner indicates like the veto session from October, November's veto session was uneventful. She says there was one good piece of legislation that moved forward and then another piece of legislation she was disappointed to see not get called for a vote.



Sen. Turner points out the development of the small reactors doesn't begin until 2026, so there will be a waiting period but she feels because of the overwhelming nature of the support, it should be signed by the Governor.



As for the Invest in kids scholarship, the Lincoln Republican says it is particularly disappointing because kids that benefit from those scholarship dollars were diligently in Springfield advocating to keep the program going and it fell on deaf ears.



As far as the nuclear legislation, Sen. Turner believes that legislation is going to end up being a win for the Clinton Power Station because the image and knowledge of nuclear power have changed. She feels it is a great source of energy that will help reduce electric bills in Illinois. 

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