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Business Owners and Social Security Retirement Benefits

Most business owners are hyper-focused on growing their business and legacy - they especially have a lot to juggle to try and keep things afloat, and hopefully even growing. That's why Social Security is reminding don’t forget about retirement benefits through Social Security.


During working years, small business owners often take advantage of legitimate ways to keep their taxable income down. While everybody can understand the advantages of that approach, don’t lose track of the impact that will have on your future Social Security benefits. Jack Myers with Social Security explains benefits are based on the taxes you’ve paid in. 



Through the years, Myers has seen many small business owners get to their retirement years without the safety net of a pension and a relatively low Social Security benefit. Worse yet, what if tragedy strikes and your survivors are left without much Social Security. 



Take a look at estimates of what you will receive from Social Security if you become disabled or when you retire and find out what your survivors would be eligible for if something happened to you. Myers says if being a business owner has kept your taxable income down, just be aware of the impact that will have and plan accordingly.



You can view all of that and more through your mySocialSecurity account at www.ssa.gov/myaccount. Social Security has resources that might help as well at www.ssa.gov/prepare/plan-retirement and at the publication 'If You Are Self-Employed' - which is available at www.ssa.gov/pubs.

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