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DeWitt County Friendship Center Director Looks Back on Career

After Friday, the DeWitt County Friendship Center will have a new executive director.


Paul Jiles has been the executive director for six years and will serve her final day in that role on Friday. She looks back on all the additions and renovations that they have accomplished during her tenure. Over six years the Friendship Center fundraised over $200,000.



Jiles says a highlight of her career was the numerous trips she arranged and went on. She notes many people who did not come to the center daily wanted to go on the trips. 



Jiles remembers when her car was totaled and she was able to fundraise and get a new parking lot for the friendship center within six weeks. She notes it gave her a sense of perspective about how much the center needed a new parking lot.



Jiles will miss the many seniors she has met and the working relationships with her coworkers.



Tune in to Regional Radio tomorrow as we introduce Laurie Heuermann (Higherman) as the new DeWitt County Friendship Center Executive Director.

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