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City of Clinton Approves New Website

City of Clinton officials are moving forward with a new website after the Clinton City Council approved a new website vendor on Tuesday night.


On the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday, City Administrator Taylor Baxter, following up the Council meeting from Tuesday, told Regional Radio the big selling point with the vendor they approved - Apptegy - was the fact they can help develop an app for the City.



According to Baxter, the City needs a better design for the website. There are several areas the City could make the website more streamlined and provide better imagery for the site.



Baxter says the City website also needs a lot of improvements. It needs visibility improvements for those who struggle to read smaller texts. It needs more organization He calls it being 'blown up'.



Updating the City website is also spurring conversations about re-branding. Baxter explains that has been and is on his radar and believes that will be the next priority after the website is updated.



Baxter indicates City personnel will begin planning for the website with hopes of it being ready to go live by the end of the summer or early fall. 

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