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DeWitt County Sheriff's Office Purchases Drones

The DeWitt County Sheriff's Office has purchased a pair of new electronics that they hope will help them better respond to certain emergencies in the future.


Sheriff Mike Walker tells Regional Radio on the WHOW Morning Show they have purchased a pair of drones that they are currently in the process of getting staff trained to operate. He explains having the department's own drones is going to make for better response times for some emergencies.



According to Sheriff Walker, there are many circumstances they could use these drones for and they have a lot of great features that will not hold up the primary uses but help with an overall investigation of certain crimes. 



The Sheriff explains these were purchased in response to last year's events in Kenney but he notes, that isn't the only instance they've encountered where a drone would have been beneficial.



Sheriff Walker points out drones are becoming increasingly popular among local law enforcement agencies and last year, Illinois passed laws around their use. The Sheriff notes there are a lot of rules and regulations they have to follow when using a drone to respond to emergencies. 

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