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Clinton Police Looking to Get Jump on Vehicle Ordering Process

The Clinton Police Department is hoping to get a jump on purchasing vehicles in its next cycle of purchases.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers explains they are set to receive two new vehicles this spring but they are almost a year late getting them. 



While the next vehicle purchasing cycle is still a little ways off for the department, Chief Lowers explains they wanted to get a jump on those vehicle purchases. Last month, the Clinton City Council approved the department to purchase two new vehicles, and the Chief notes that will allow them to purchase those when they become available.



Mostly gone by the wayside are police riding around in sedan-style vehicles and now police vehicles are much larger. Chief Lowers says these new vehicles are much more equipped to handle all the equipment an officer requires but they seem to be minimizing the wear on the bodies of the officers themselves.



Chief Lowers adds - they are going to be selling off two of its vehicles as they add new vehicles to the fleet.

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