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Local Economic Development Leader Weighs In On Workforce Challenges

A local leader in the world of economic development is weighing in on the workforce challenges employers face and a trend he is starting to take notice of.


On the WHOW Morning Show Monday, DeWitt County Development Council Executive Director Curt Homann told Regional Radio local employers are struggling to find workers. He says struggling to find workers along with inflation is the top issues they deal with right now.



According to Homann, employers are doing what they can to attract workers like raising wages and increasing benefits but they still struggle. He points out a lot of the theories about where workers are have evolved from 'no one wants to work' or 'COVID benefits are paying them'.



A trend Homann is noticing that could explain - in part - the workforce shortage is more people looking to make a side hustle or just an idea of a full-time job where they are creating their own business. He notes this week alone he is meeting with two potential individuals looking to start a business.



If you are an individual potentially looking to build on an idea you've pursued that you believe could be ready to become your primary employment, Homann hopes you'll consider having a conversation with him if you have any questions.


He points anyone in that position to contact him through the DCDC Facebook page. 

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