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DeWitt County Sheriff Highlights Radio Upgrades

The DeWitt County Sheriff's Office is in the midst of a radio upgrade.


Sheriff Mike Walker explains the current radio system they have is starting to become too outdated to be effective and they are going to an improved system that is similar to something they had 30 years ago.



According to Sheriff Walker, the new radio system will be funded with ARPA funds. He notes this will not only benefit the Sheriff's office but most first responder agencies in the County.



Many have questioned why the Sheriff's Department wants to go to digital radios but Sheriff Walker says it is becoming an issue of officer safety. It's a trend that many law enforcement agencies are going to nationwide.



The digital communication system for the Sheriff's office leads to many questions about those who listen to police scanners. The Sheriff has more thoughts on that and we'll hear more from the Sheriff next week on Regional Radio. 

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