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Local Authorities Warn of Increase in Burglaries

As the spring weather becomes more consistently pleasant, more and more individuals are sure to be out and about on the community's streets.


With that increase in foot traffic annually comes an uptick in minor crime. Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says that crime is likely to be consistent because of the elimination of cash bail in Illinois.



According to Chief Lowers, rarely is there a forced entry into a home, a vehicle, or a garage. He notes these are crimes of opportunity and individuals seeking out those vehicles that are unlocked.



Chief Lowers notes while home burglaries are not very common, they do encounter those and says it is often a case of someone known to you. There are a couple of main reasons for that being the case.



As the weather gets nicer, there are more complaints of trespass to property, disorderly conduct, and other small crimes. Chief Lowers encourages being a good neighbor to those around you and keeping an eye out for your neighbors. 

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