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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is awarding 19 grants to local governments for landfill inspections and to investigate complaints about illegal dumping.

EPA director Lisa Bonnett says those getting grants have negotiated terms with EPA and agreed to hire and train inspectors for examinations of landfills and other pollution-control sites.

Bonnett says local government officials know their communities and can respond more quickly to complaints.

The agreements allow EPA to delegate its authority to local governments such as the city of Chicago and the Ambraw Valley Solid Waste Agency. Ambraw oversees solid waste disposal for Crawford, Richland and Lawrence counties.

Other grant recipients are Christian, DuPage, Jackson, Lake, LaSalle, Macon, Madison, McHenry, Montgomery, Ogle, Perry, Sangamon, St. Clair, Tazewell, Vermillion, Wayne and Will counties

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