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The ebb and flow of sales taxes in Clinton continue as the latest report begins to show a trend in the months that have proceeded the closure of the Clinton Walmart.


City Administrator Tim Followell indicates the sales tax dollars are in an up and down trend right now and points out, the vehicle sales at local dealerships can sway figures a lot more than all the purchases at a retail store.



While the loss of Walmart was certainly a big loss for the community, Followell says the up and down nature of the sales tax figures was a trend long before Walmart closed.



As sales tax figures remain up and down, the City will face further funding challenges in the wake of the minimum wage hike that is on it's the way to the Governor. 


Tune in later this week as Followell outlines the things the City of Clinton will have to think about as that legislation gradually becomes law. 

You'll see a new face in a management role at the Clinton Community YMCA.


Clinton native, David Torbert, has been hired as the new Director of Adult and Youth Sports, and Director of Camp Osage, at the Y.  He's been in the new role for about a month and hopes he can help others enjoy the local YMCA just as he did.



Rennie Cluver, Executive Director of the Clinton YMCA, is excited to see the energy Torbert has already brought to the staff.  He says Torbert's addition is expected to bring more opportunities for both youth and adult programming.



Camp Osage is the YMCA's annual summer camp, which begins the first day after school ends.  Torbert says planning has already begun for this year's camp.



Cluver notes Camp Osage is by far the most important program offered by the YMCA.  He says the staff are doing their best to include a variety of activities to meet the widening interests of students.



Sign-up for this year's Camp Osage is expected to begin in April.  In the meantime, Torbert is being kept busy with the continuing youth basketball program, and sign-ups are underway for youth indoor soccer leagues.  Learn more about those by contacting the Clinton Community YMCA.

Springfield, IL - A total of five new bills have been introduced in the Illinois General Assembly with the goal of helping to protect the Mahomet Aquifer, the primary water source for Central Illinois. The package of bills is supported by a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives who are working to pass them into law.


State Senator Chapin Rose says -quote- "The Mahomet Aquifer is one of the most important and vulnerable natural resources in the state, supplying drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people. It's incredibly important that we protect this resource for our families and our future generations." - end quote


The package of legislation includes five bills that are all based on recommendations from the final report of Mahomet Aquifer Task Force.


Senate Bill 2073 creates a permanent body, the Mahomet Aquifer Council, to serve as a watchdog and to provide oversight for the Mahomet Aquifer.


Senate Bill 2071 would provide $1 million in funding for equipment for the University of Illinois' Prairie Research Institute (PRI) so that the organization can continue to research and study the aquifer.


Senate Bill 2072 would provide $2.3 million in funding for ongoing PRI operations.


Senate Bill 2070 would appropriate $4 million for the utilization of helicopter-based time-domain electromagnetics technology for the purpose of mapping and studying of an area of the aquifer known as Zone 2. This zone is where a recent leak of natural gas occurred.


Senate Bill 2074 would allow State Treasurer to accept restitution payment from Peoples Gas, if a court finds the company liable for a recent leak of natural gas into the aquifer.


The bipartisan group of central Illinois lawmakers hopes the bills are called in the spring legislative session.

While many school leaders are taking a wait and see approach with Democratic Governor JB Pritzker, one Piatt County school leader is optimistic.


Sheila Greenwood is the Superintendent of Bement Schools and says she is optimistic Pritzker will have a budget sooner for the state and believes he has surrounded himself with good people to get good advice from.



While funding for public education in Illinois has gotten better in recent years, Greenwood says she is in the camp that it is still the biggest challenge facing education in Illinois. She explains while more money is dedicated to them, how much of that they get is still a question.



Greenwood says right now, the Bement school district says they are still in good shape financially. She notes, like many districts, they are seeking substitute teachers and face a shortage of teachers available when they have job openings. 

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation is supporting Logan County school children thanks to a grant they are providing to put a counselor in each school.


ALMH's Angela Stoltzenburg explains MOSAIC is a program mimicked from Sangamon County but it gives students support right there in their school building.



The program doesn't just put the counselors in the school and then checks in every now and then. Stoltzenburg indicates they are tracking the progress of at-risk students and says they are getting back encouraging results early on.



The importance of this program can be very beneficial for kids today. Stoltzenburg explains recognizing what kids are going through early can keep them from dealing with issues longer than they need to.



Currently, the program offers support for three schools in Logan County with the goal to expand to all schools. Additionally, they are hiring staff to expand the service. If you're interested in being a part of MOSIAC in Logan County, visit choosememorial.org for more information. 

Tuesday is Give FFA Day

A donation today (TUE) to the National FFA organization could go a long way toward changing a life. NAFB's Eric Pfeiffer explains…




Groups and businesses have already started registering for the 2019 Clinton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo March 27 at Clinton High School.


Chamber Executive Director Marian Brisard says registration has opened for the annual event and she hopes it will be another great year with lots of vendors.



Brisard says pricing for the annual event varies.



Brisard also points out the business expo is a great networking opportunity as it is a place where numerous businesses from across the community and central Illinois are all together in one place for about three to four hours.



Again the Chamber Business Expo is Wednesday, March 27 at Clinton High School from 4 to 7 pm. If your business or non-profit is interested in being a part of this year's event, you can visit clintonilchamber.com or contact them at 217-935-3364. 

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