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Parents with small children home for the Columbus Day holiday have an opportunity to take part in an event at a local zoo.

The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington is joining forces with Illinois State University this week as a part of ISU's Homecoming week. ISU's mascot "Reggie" the Redbird will be at the zoo for a few hours this Monday.

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Tetzloff hopes "Reggie" being there for the day will attract the young kids. He feels it will be a good opportunity to teach the kids about the different types of birds and nature being their home and how to preserve the environment.

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In partnering with ISU for their homecoming week, Tetzloff hopes the partnership the zoo has with the university can continue to grow. He feels having an asset like that in the community would make a great partnership.

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Reggie will be at the zoo from 11 am to 1 pm this Monday. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about birds such as the Bald Eagle and Burrowing Owls and they can have their picture taken with ISU's Reggie the Redbird.

For more information you can visit millerparkzoo.org or you can call 309-434-2250. Miller Park Zoo is also on Facebook.

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