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The DeWitt County Board may consider a County Inspector for the Landfill.

The Board's Land Use Committee discussed the idea at length at a Committee Meeting last week. Land Use Chair Terry Ferguson says he has talked with several area counties that have a County Inspector working in conjunction with the Illinois-EPA. He says Livingston County is hiring the services of an engineering company to do inspections, but says that is not a route the county is likely to pursue.

[audio:countyinspector1.mp3]A Word From Ferguson[/audio]

Macon County may be the most interesting case for DeWitt County. According to Ferguson, they are very interested in potentially sharing a county inspector, which would be a similar situation to the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department.

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One other possibility that was discussed was the possibility of the Health Department pursuing an inspector as a part of their staff. Member Sherri Brown is on the Board for the Health Department, she was approached by County Board chair Melonie Tillie, asking Brown to discuss the potential of the Health Department pursuing the grant.

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Ferguson says the local EPA officials are very willing to meet with the Land Use Committee and the other counties that are a part of the program are willing to meet with DeWitt County Board members to discuss the inspectors in their counties.

The process of potentially bringing on a county inspector are still in the preliminary stages and no time table is set for any meetings or even when an agreement would be reached for an inspector in DeWitt County.

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