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If you have noticed the big white tent on Washington Street in Clinton, there is an opportunity to see what is inside this afternoon.

The tent is covering a project by Ameren to remove dirt containing Manufactured Gas Plants, or MGPs. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peter's invites the public to be a part of an open house this afternoon at the site hosted by Ameren. She explains there will be billboards of descriptions of the project and also Ameren representatives will be on site to answer any questions residents may have about the project.

[audio:amerenopenhouse1.mp3]A Word From Mayor Peters[/audio]

Until recently, the route the trucks were going to take was still being deliberated on. Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements Nan Crang says the route has now been decided on for the dirt to be taken to the landfill. Crang explains the trucks will be in and out of the site continuously from 7 am to 4 pm.

[audio:amerenopenhouse2.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Crang[/audio]

Recently, there has been some public discussion of whether Ameren should be allowed to take the dirt containing the MGPs through the City of Clinton. Mayor Peter's says because the project is in the middle of town, they have to go through town to get to the landfill.

[audio:amerenopenhouse3.mp3]A Word From Mayor Peters[/audio]

Ameren officials will begin digging up the site next Wednesday to clean up the site of the old Gas Manufacturing Plant on Washington Street. The open house at the site is this afternoon from 4-6:30. Residents will have the opportunity to view information about the site and what will be happening there, and also to have any questions answered about the project.

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