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It is not very often the entities that are the City of Clinton and the Clinton Board of Education cross paths.

The Clinton Board of Education met for their monthly meeting last night, and one item of discussion for the Board was a request from the City of Clinton to conduct a traffic survey for the new elementary building.

Clinton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes explains, he and President of the Board Buck Carter, met with Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters, Streets Commissioner Nan Crang, and Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy to discuss the board conducting a traffic survey. Dr. Holmes believes the issue will not be before school, but rather upon the dismissal of school, that the city is concerned most with.

[audio:trafficsurvey1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

The school district could do a number of things to ease the congestion and make the flow of traffic smoother during dismissal times. Dr. Holmes suggests staggering dismissal times to keep from having parents and buses picking students up all at the same time.

[audio:trafficsurvey2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

President of the Board of Education, Buck Carter, voiced his concern over the idea. He explains should the Board decide to take this on, the cost would have to be picked up 100% by the Board. He says with several aspects of the new elementary building still undecided, putting the idea on hold may not be the worst idea.

[audio:trafficsurvey3.mp3]A Word From Carter[/audio]

The Board agreed to seek out estimates on getting a traffic survey completed. Should any modifications need to be made based on the traffic study, such as the widening of Illini Drive for a turn lane, in front of the Jr. High School, the Clinton Board of Education would be responsible for the cost of the project, not the City of Clinton.

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