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A check could soon be in the mail for the state's regional superintendents of education.  They've been working for free since July 1st but yesterday state representatives approved a measure to pay them out of local property tax funds.  Sangamon County Assistant Regional Superintendent Shannon Fehrholz [[ Fair-holtz ]] calls it a bit of relief.

          [audio:rddROEPay1.mp3]Word from Fehrholz[/audio]

State Representative Frank Mautino says Illinois should be ashamed for treating elected officials this way.

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State Representative Roger Eddy, who's also a school superintendent, says this is just a temporary fix to an unnecessary problem.

 [audio:rddROEPay3.mp3]Word from Eddy[/audio]

If the Senate approves the measure, the superintendents will receive back pay plus a guaranteed paycheck until June 30th.  A task force will also be developed to analyze the regional offices of education and find a way to streamline the superintendents' duties if necessary.


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