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Clinton residents have a new food bank to take advantage of.

The bank started last month and is ready to send out more food this week. This particualr food bank has some unique attributes.  They are targeting families who do not qualify for government assistance. This means families who have trouble making ends meet each week. Pastor Dan Melton says that, while they won't turn anyone away, their target is for those families affected by the struggling economy.

[audio:foodbank1.mp3]A Word From Pastor Melton[/audio]

Melton says the idea for the food bank was born from current events and the current trend of rising prices and frozen incomes.  The church saw that many individuals were struggling who did not fall under the government definition of impoverished. 

[audio:foodbank2.mp3]A Word From Pastor Melton[/audio]

The food is provided by the Peoria area food bank and is put in boxes by members of the church. They are packed according to family size and are tried to be packed with as much as possible.

[audio:foodbank3.mp3]A Word From Pastor Melton[/audio]

The next dispersal will be at 118 South Monroe from 2-4pm on November 19th. A form will need to be filled out and the recipients be will given their package of food. Someone will be provided to help carry the box to your vehicle if needed.

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