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American Education Week is wrapping up for the week.

This week was designed to celebrate public education and honor individuals who make a difference every day in the lives of students. The schools in Clinton have all been participated this week. Each day the schools celebrated some aspect of education. Blake Carr, a junior high school student, says this week inlcuded alumni and spirit days.

[audio:educationweek1.mp3]Blake Carr on this Week's Activities[/audio]

According to Nate Ennis, Student Council President at the High School, a canned food drive also took place during the week.  He adds the week is meant to shed light on the men and women who make public education possible.

[audio:educationweek2.mp3]Ennis on Folks in Education[/audio]

Gary Gullone, the principal of Lincoln School, says this week is also a great way to honor substitue teachers, bus drivers, custodians and lunch room staff because they allow the everyday problems to be ironed out in an effcient way.

[audio:educationweek3.mp3]Gullone With A Word on His Appreciation For Educators[/audio]

Ennis also echoes Gullone's thoughts. He feels this week is to include everybody, including those staff members who don't ususally receive credit for thier contribution to our schools.

[audio:educationweek4.mp3]Ennis On Opportunity This Week[/audio]

Gullone thanks the parents of the students in the district. Without their support, students would not receive the education that they do.

American Education Week concludes today with Maroon and Gold day, which illustrates school spirit.

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