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The winter season officially begins this week, and everyone needs to be extra cautious, especially the senior citizens of the community.

As the temperatures begin to drop and the chances for snow increase, there are many things seniors need to be aware of to keep safe. Sissy Leggett, Executive Director at the DeWitt County Friendship Center encourages seniors to be aware of weather conditions and prepare accordingly.

[audio:seniorwintertips1.mp3]A Word From Leggett[/audio]

For seniors wanting to get out of their drive ways after a snow fall, it is a good idea for them to arrange for someone to shovel the snow for them. Legget also adds it is just as important for seniors to be hydrated during the winter months as it is during the summer months.

[audio:seniorwintertips2.mp3]A Word From Leggett[/audio]

There are many other tips for seniors that Leggett has included in the Friendship Center's newsletter. You can pick up a copy by stopping by the Center in person or you can call 935-9411 for more information as well.

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