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In Springfield, all new bills had to be introduced in the House or Senate by Feb 10th for consideration during the spring legislative session. Don Schaefer of the Midwest Truckers Assoc says a number of them deal with transportation and impact farmers.
For example, the length limit on trucks is 65 feet on state roads, but only 55 feet on local roads. This can be an issue for farmers who have to limit themselves to 55 feet for the first couple of miles before hitting the highway to deliver grain and livestock.
When you buy trucking equipment, there is a sales tax exemption when over 50% of your hauling is interstate transportation. The Illinois Deptartment of Revenue used to consider delivery to a river terminal the first stop on interstate travel, but recently stopped doing that, causing farmers to lose the tax exemption. Schaefer says legislation would restore that exemption for farmers who haul to the river. 
Don Schaefer of the Midwest Truckers Association.

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