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Governor Bruce Rauner talked big during his Budget Address last Wednesday and one local Superintendent says she's skeptical the legislature can deliver.
The Governor proposed record funding levels for Illinois schools and fully funding the education and special education funds of Illinois districts. Susan Wilson is the Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools and is not confident those proposals will be fulfilled until the major players of the Illinois legislature all come together.
The Governor last week also held steadfast in his desire for a property tax freeze, despite concerns from leaders about such action. Wilson indicates the Blue Ridge Board of Education has taken actions to help counter a likely tax freeze.
According to Wilson, the district is essentially issuing their own bonds, buying them and increasing their tax base. She says the money will go to some projects at their various facilities and will not come from the tax payers. 
Wilson says the tax freeze legislation is not anything new as Rauner has had this on his radar since he campaigned and took office. She feels if it does go through, it will be very hard to repeal, and might be a permanent freeze. 

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