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The second tenant is set to move in this week at the DCRA's Magill Hotel in downtown Clinton.
Becky Adams with the DeWitt County Restoration Association, or DCRA, says Trade Wind Energy is set to move into their space next to Edward Jones, which would be their second tenant in the last 12 months.
Adams indicates it has been a good relationship with Trade Wind the entire time they have been discussing the lease. She explains the DCRA had to take out a mortgage to get them in the building and the energy company stepped up to make sure they could get it and keep it paid.
In addition to establishing a brick and mortar front in the community, Trade Wind Energy is also investing the community through more means than just the wind farms. They have donated to The Vault and several groups locally.
That's Tom Swierczewski, Development Director at Trade Wind Energy, who adds they have land leases already in place and now they just need to get approvals from the County governing bodies.
Trade Wind Energy joins Edward Jones Financial Agent Bryce Starkey in the DRCA's Magill Hotel. The DCRA is continuing their efforts of restoration and will continue to work on getting a developer for the property or find more tenants to provide them with revenue. 

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